Moderator recruitment

24/06/20 08:03
Jungle RFC :

I nominate Black Monks

Get him back here. I'd vote for him
24/06/20 12:47
30/06/20 14:52
Jungle RFC :

I nominate Black Monks

01/07/20 19:08
I nominate my self I have spent six weeks on this game and mastered it I'm pretty sure that makes me a good contender I'm not biased and would not favor any guilds like Omega or Damage....
07/07/20 08:23
The nomination phase is obviously a long one. I think until there are 500 applicants, it shall remain open.

I say give it to Gregory. Now, when it comes to his salary negotiations, offer 125K. He'll try to haggle you to 200K, so counter with 150K. Do not go over 200K. Lets be reasonable here. Allow him access to the private jet, but only twice a week for the first two weeks during the temp period.

08/09/20 20:28
I did try a persuade Monks and also our guild president Coach Pink Fluffy Thong but neither seemed keen. One now spends his time making things out of wood while the other was last seen begging on the streets for cigarette butts.
22/03/21 08:02
I nominate Kukis. Bloody Legend of the game.