Les Legendaires PHONEX

28/09/18 21:13
What a pathetic bunch of no mark losers you lot are. 28 friendlies of your last man so we couldnt take him and get a well deserved draw!!

Everyone BEWARE! Les Legnedaires PHONEX will friendly their last man to death to hang on to a win. Pathetic guild lead by a pathetic attitude.

Next time you will be smashed. Poes!
28/09/18 21:19
Yep we won't leave any cows next time. We'll just smash you in ten minutes and see if you can draw. No respect what so ever..
29/09/18 13:10
Its not worth taking the risk these days the way the challenges are setup some guilds are desperate and will do anything
03/10/18 17:18
Yep, it's pretty sad tbf. Like DW said, next time they just get humped straight out the blocks.