The game is becoming a farce

26/08/18 15:07
Have now heard about many games from friends and GC members where you play a team with either no sports kits or small amount at low level, and their players are not at top levels for speed or stamina, but are beating teams fully loaded with sports kit most at level 3, their players are maxed on speed and stamina. Your maths don't work guys ! It's very simple, if your team is trained to top value and you have sports kits at level 3, there is no way a lower level player with no shoes, water sports kits and low level of speed and stamina players can beat their teams ! Some of the scores are are also stupid, 0-34, 14-31, 7-40 ! Really guys get a grip, you introduced the stupid sports kits, reward the teams who are buying them to improve their players. Also most of these teams have 100% Rhythm, but their players are outrunning fresh players who are faster then them at 65 mins to FT !! No logic and takes the piss out players who improve their teams with all of your requirements !
27/08/18 10:11
Lost ANOTHER match have you?
What a load of BS!
If you don't like the game - why are you wasting your time?
27/08/18 11:37
Maybe your strategy is crap?? I’d suggest tweaking a few things and playing some friendlies
27/08/18 11:43
No PB, we are just getting fed up with the utter imbalance and utter stupid results. The system has introduced Sports shop items to improve your teams strength, but strangely teams who are lower in strength both player stat wise and also the level of sports kits are acting like much higher teams ! How can a team 3 levels lower with 4 level 1 sports kits (No shoes, shorts or water) out run a team with level 3 sports kits across the board, have top level players on player stats, sub backs players at 40 mins, yet still get beaten and out run by the lower team !! Simple basic logic tells you that shouldn't happen. The game isn't reflecting the teams strengths, and the player stats. The use of sports shop kit doesn't work, get the game back to simple basic's, no sports shop, no mb, just simple train the best team you can and work out a strat that works with those players. Stop these stupid results. FYI A level 47 team beat a level 68 team 10-31 ! Please explain on what level that is possible ?
27/08/18 11:56
All the sports gear and maxed out players in the world wont help you win if you don't have the correct team strategy and individual player strats in place, because going by your logic the top 100 should only be made up of level 73 teams with all maxed out players and level.3 sports gear. Which is just not the case because strategy is the key not sports gear, not maxed players or what level your at
27/08/18 13:38
maybe you should join a guild that knows how to play the game and learn to create a proper strategy
27/08/18 16:14
Its all good and well them removing MB but it means for sweet FA when sports gear still exists in the game all the new update will do is drive people to go crazy on sports gear cos lets be honest without it your not going up unless your an elite player with alot of knowledge in the game.

27/08/18 16:36
'your not going up unless your an elite player with alot of knowledge in the game.'

Isn't that the point?
Becoming that?
29/08/18 18:18
You mean a lot of money - sport gear is fair MB not. I love the fact that strategy allows you to beat paid for teams - not that I have anything against people buying players
29/08/18 19:09
Hi Attackle,
completely agree with the strategy point. Although, maxed-out sports gear (in the early stages of the season) costs zillions So, how is that fair compered to MB?