Subs and injuries

15/08/18 11:47
How is it possible that a team has two injuries and still make 7 substitutions? Two of the 7 were reversal of the injured players. Bearing in mind an injury is normally one or two games. I guess on that basis you can heal a player mid game?
15/08/18 14:17
yep you can heal immediately using heal kits and then send them back out and doesn't count as a sub
15/08/18 19:03
Really, that’s wrong
15/08/18 19:44
Consider it a passenger HIA or blood stopped
16/08/18 13:35
If they’re injured they’re injured end of story. This should be corrected in the game. If you’ve already made injury replacements you cannot then sub the full 7 players
16/08/18 14:42
What about blood and HIA in real life? Isn't it nice to have some similarity. If your doctor is there good job managing!
16/08/18 15:47
Hi Guest 14,
is it really such a big deal? 2 injuries! What are you doing? Feeding your players raw meat! Who were you playing? The Mary Poppins XV! In a real game they may have been sin-binned or sent off. Maybe it balances things out, a bit. You'd really complain if a player was suspended for a season for biting at an oppo's undercrackers.