Hawaii Try-0 ***recruiting***

26/11/17 17:24
We have two spots available to two lucky people!!
80k Fan requirement (however will allow lower if you play me *hull fc - Sean* in a friendly first)
We currently have 145 guild wins from 157 challenges giving us a 92% win percentage!
this season we have 5 players who have sent 1k+ heal kits!
minimum is 200 to stay in the guild (really easy with a guild this devoted)
our fastest GC wipe out is less then 15 minutes!!
I run an inter-guild cup every season based on handicaps depending on your division.
English speaking countries only unfortunately
Many rugby union/league fans and discussions daily

*Inter-guild handicap cup!
*Award ceremony!
*15000 heals sent throughout the guild every season
*Very active whats app group with 15 members daily
*Guild challenge manager!
*Team strategy developer
*Facebook page

If you don't have 80k fans then play me in a friendly twice to get the invite!

Thanks for looking,
27/11/17 08:41
Hold that invite you just sent me, O'Seanny Boy. Waiting for my GC to finish. Looking forward to the opportunity