Training games and ranking system

08/07/17 22:31
Many teams are not actively involved with training games or ranking system. This results in a completely skewed team rankings and the only benefit of a high ranking is personal achievement at the cost of many fans.

Why don't you incentivize the system as per the achievement bonuses?

- first time top 1000 = 10 gold coins
- first time top 500 = 10 gold coins
- first time top 100 = 10 gold coins
- first time top 3 = 10 gold coins
- first time top spot = 20 gold coins

Then added to this a season average rating bonus. Only for top 1000 teams
- 100 gold coins for top spot and 1 gold coin for 1000 on a parabolic curve/scale
- I.e the team top teams get much more reward than lower teams.

This will change the game as the goal will move away from only being the best in your Championship, but also the best in the world...

Anyway, it's out there and I hope you take this or something similar onboard
09/07/17 01:19
Leave it as it is. If teams are not prepared to challenge for rankings at the moment then why incentivise them. Some players (and Guilds) are more concerned about fans and their Guild ranking rather than individual rankings.
I play the game to the maximum and play all 5 training games as well as Tournaments and guild games.
If someone chooses to buy a team of one time offers then they can choose which way to go but I don't agree with offering gold balls in ranking games. Both my teams are regularly in the top 100 but I lose fans because I get challenged loads of times by better teams. That's my choice and I accept the consequences of it.
09/07/17 01:56
I'm one of the people who refuses to play seriously on the training games I do play them but rarely use all 5 I'm more concerned about fanbase as that is what makes you the money, I have a team 177 rated currently outside the top 10,000 it's great for what I want to do when I lose a game I just pick the guy nearest to me in ranking system gain the same fans as what I would for beating the highest guy on my world map but the reason I refuse to play for ranking is because I don't believe that you should have to take fan loses for games you don't start and to me it's pointless getting 5k fans aday using every training game going if your going to loose more than 5 k a day cos more than 5 people challenge you in a 24 hr period.

To me the only way i'll even try to compete is if there is an incentive for me to try to compete but I don't see the point in being able to say hey look i'm top 100 on the game but my fanbase is shot to pieces cos I lose 20 games a day through training. For what exactly your name on a leaderboard yeah like that's really gunna make me want to play NOT.

Not sure about the goldball idea cos that would just favour the players who spend big on the game and unless your within the elite you'd still get people like me who just wouldn't play the games for me the system needs a revamp and to be rewarding all players who can beat someone of a higher rating than them as I don't think someone of 177 rated should be allowed to gain 1000 fans for beating a 40 rated team for example
09/07/17 08:32
I also use to be in top 20 all of the time, but to be challenged non stop and losing 5-8k fans overnight is the bad part of it. I'm now just coasting along round the 500 rating level to retain fans and never get challenged

It's just an idea as championship games and leader boards at the top is def not always on merit as most teams in Lv46 use full MB, all of the time. You can see it if you friendly them straigh after being mauled in a CG. With the sport shop and building upgrades costing arm and leg, I can't compete by paying 16-18Mil MB for every CG game I play