Sports shop

09/04/17 11:23
I would like to apologise in regards the post I actually removed it/didn't send it got a little confused as I sent the same message via a ticket to developers.
Keep up your good work guys hopefully the developers will respond.
25/04/17 19:49
Having bought all items at 15% addition to all, there is no difference in my team what so ever !! in fact i am now losing more matches since buying them ? with the old system when you use MB you would notice your team playing better, and win 90% of matches, Now MB means nothing, used 10% MB against a much lower team (real star value) and he was 36 stars below my team, and wow I lost ? seriously this update has ruined the game, its a coin toss if you win or lose. Sports shop is a con unless you can see it on your team during the game, I've checked and there is difference in my teams stats during games
25/04/17 20:19
I've played a total of 14 matches today and in those games there was a total of 30 tries scored between me and my opponents, thats an average of just over 2 tries per game. There was only one tryless game in those games. For the first 4 championship games of the season I did not have any gear and lost all my games. I bought my gear and have since not lost a game in my champs.

It would rather seem that players are struggling to adjust to the new game dynamic rather than the update being crap. In all honesty I am all for the update, yes it needs some tweaks but it is more realistic and customisable than before.