Sweet CHEAT Nitro Not Improving game.

07/02/18 01:27
Several questions;
why doesn't sweet nitro adjust challenges by using team levels not fans.
Why do Irani guild teams have faster, more accurate players who don't give away free kicks.
Is the Rugby version as unfair as this game.
Has Taffy's dragons got any real answer from cheat nitro yet ?
I know most of answers, but hoping for other ideas....... Liverpool65.
07/02/18 15:34
1 no idea makes far more sense that way but maybe its because the current one favors Iranians
2 They buy pack players with everything maxed out although it could also be your settings.
3 No idea
4 No chance

Incidentally you need to change that name it was Feb 2012 that Liverpool last won a trophy so its not 65 months its 71 & counting :-))
07/02/18 16:52
Ha ha... Its my house number.
Maybe i should change it to Liverpool C.L x 5 !!!
What is the team you support - Moneybags City or Mongrels United ?
07/02/18 17:05
1 I agree with
2 the top iranian teams buy the pack but general and most iranian teams are beatable with good strats alot of it is to do with the player settings and the advanced settings if you get them right your 3 quarters there the other quarter being whatever your doing within your formation where you're positioning your players
3 no idea

PS I don't wanna give too much info out cos you never know who is reading it but it's all within the strats unless they're a pack player but even pack players are beatable if they don't know what they're doing. For example my 224 rated team recently beat BVB of the E.L.I.TE only got about 100 more stars than me and when i say beat I don't mean it was luck i played him and won he played me back and lost twice
07/02/18 17:07
also just looked liverpool your main team aint even in a championship which signals to me you aint played in sometime thats if your still in strikers at level 47??
07/02/18 17:08
Actually that sounds a lot like our guild mate MK spurs... Is Shaun C a alias 4 u MK ?
OR what team do you support Shaun ?

Serious question- When was TotteringHam's last trophy... Must have been when Harry was manager ?

07/02/18 17:14
Can't access that team anymore.... Phone died, no passwords, have tried lots of ideas and stuff...still can't access. Even got desperate and asked sweet cheat nitro- they are as handy as a ashtray on a motorbike !... Anyway started again.
07/02/18 17:56
yeah good luck man anyway very soon you might be seeing world elite in a GC as we are contemplating with the idea of reducing the guild numbers as we have some actives some not and alot of the members no longer want to play iranian teams and are wanting more variety on GC so will be nice to drop from the top sorta thing and take a backseat and get winning some fairer matchups with a lower fanbase same kinda quality less depth

09/02/18 19:25
Guest 2AM3UC

Not either try again 3rd time Lucky?
OOps just noticed you went for yids well you must get it the 4th time

Spurs last trophy win it was either 2008 or 2009 League Cup Harry Rednap not sure about that

My brother is a Man Ure fan here is a link to his favorite web page enjoy LOL


Would you also like the lyrics if I can get them off him to his version of Bowies five years before it becomes out of date
Hint the classic bit is
5 years of chasing the ball
5 years & they've won F all
10/02/18 09:11

Now running two teams & sorting Lightsout tactics this is getting confusing the lightsout message was from me I forgot what team I was logged into