Login issues

20/12/17 20:09
I can't login to game. Error: "Invalid credentials". Started today at some point. Is anyone else experiencing this?
20/12/17 20:31
Same issue...
20/12/17 21:50
same issue
20/12/17 22:58
Ditto since about about 15.00 however some can
20/12/17 23:05
I have put in a ticket no idea how long it will take to even get a reply.

am pretty pissed off as I was going to go for a couple of players So thanks Sweet Nitro
20/12/17 23:59
I'm starting to believe they've been hacked...
I'm able to use it from my mobile phone, (it does not require any credentials because every phone has its own id), i believe their credentials database may have been compromised or hijacked, no friend of mine is able to login too...
21/12/17 00:16
Thanks guys, not just me then. But it doesn't look too good does it at this stage. I do know of other teams who've managed to login with facebook even though they didn't have facebook accounts, but normal login for me still not working at all - sorry guild guys as we're in a challenge and i can't do diddly
21/12/17 02:44
I've been unable to login for about 5 hours. I submitted a ticket. Good to know it's not just me too.
21/12/17 03:01
i have the same problem.
but if you enter in the page and login with facebook, the game loads in the fb interface, and you can play as usual
21/12/17 05:38
The same with me.
I don't have the facebook account so how i can play game now??