Team Wales recruiting

19/07/16 21:36
Team Wales looking to recruit 2 new members. Anyone interested in joining one of the top guilds play a game against leader or right hands for an invite
04/08/16 18:03
I'd rather be in a guild with depth of squad, no point in being a top fanbase guild if you haven't got the players to back you. The Guild I'm in has 8 players over 100 rated and all bar two players none of the guild are under 80 rated when you have that I might just consider.
05/08/16 08:13
theres 3 things i hate about this game the administrators not listen to our concerns; the tactics used by some not all iranian teams but even more anoying than that are players criticising other guild's this game is set up with a ranking system on fanbase not ranking i have complained on numerous occasions about this but all they say is that shows the how successful the teams are so if your not happy with that then complain to the game administrators and don't complain about guilds like team wales they are one of the best guilds on here you chose your way and thats fine on strength of your teams and one day team wales with have that in depth to but it takes time or alot of money so stop complaining and get on with the game
06/08/16 09:20
Ashley no offence mate but team wales has a hell of a lot a more teams rated over 100 than uk elite does they have 13. And 4 players under 80 but what is the problem with that.. not all guilds are lucky enough to have a cluelessness., pl team or a swans.. so ashley in future keep your rather poor opinions to yourself.. another thing average rating means fuck all.. i could buy a load of 10 star players to push my rating down.. doesnt mean my first 11 are that shit
07/08/16 22:17
Team Wales against uk elite in the guild challenge. This could be interesting.
07/08/16 22:19
Oh and we're back to needing 2 more teams. You don't have to be 100k plus, we don't mind giving teams a chance to build with us.
07/08/16 23:01
Terry Mcgrann :

Team Wales against uk elite in the guild challenge. This could be interesting.

07/08/16 23:32
If i wasnt in a guild challenge i wouldve rejoined for one challenge lol
08/08/16 16:40
happy to have you anytime Will. Did you go to Grimsby's first game back in the big time?
08/08/16 18:46
Too right mate loved it.. standard grimsby game.. loads of arrests goals and loads of shit defending