Match up - Leveling out the playing fields.

05/10/18 16:13
hooligan, I understand the argument that you made on page 1 of this thread and you are quite right, a Guild that is made up of L50 teams will be very unlikely to win against a Guild that is made up of L70 teams. But you have to remember that the developers added the new ranking system as a result of a campaign by players of the game who are active on this forum. It was "us" that asked them to create a system that would improve the chances of the strongest Guilds playing each other, and that is what they have done. This does not mean that SPUITPOEP are better than your Guild, but there can be no denying that they are (currently) stronger. This is not a ranking of the best (your word from page 1) Guilds, it is a ranking of the strongest. The way your teams have progressed so far, that might just be #Rugga Rebels at some point in the future, good luck.
11/10/18 08:56
OK So here we are again...

it has been a month if not more since the new GC structure was brought out... we started in 15th position and now are at 140 give or take till with ± 65 win points the match ups are even worse for us now... the table might have leveled out a bit at the top but as for the rest of the table not even close.... Please if you positioned somewhere else put some feedback here i can only comment from my position...

Our last 6 GC have bee ridiculous not even close... we have beaten all the opponents easy. our closest GC was 24(out of 24) - 14 but the rest they haven't even beaten 5 of our guys....

it wasn't fun for us destroying them and it definitely wasn't fun for them...

There is no way to get decent matchups if you base matchups on factors that don't affect the game.... Fans the old system, Win points the new system.

In a gc game you choose your opponent based on their championship level... you will pick a guy same level as you or a couple levels above you...

So it makes sense to have guild matchups based on Championship level.... that way the top guilds will still play each other and the rest of the guilds will match up with the same "strength" guilds as themselves...

11/10/18 12:26
The issue you all are running into is due to having played the fan base game you were artificially high which resulted in a large clump of losses which will take 2 months to replace which means that by the nature of your artificially high starting point it will take a month longer for your guild, and similar guilds, to level out. So you will level out but right now you are in the yoyo phase. For guilds who had similar fan base to ability level they should be leveled out aside from the occasional matchup vs a guild in yoyo mode.
11/10/18 13:11
Actually no, we moved up with the fan based game as we got better we keep out fans at a competitive level holding stadium upgrade from time to time but the moment it was to easy we upgraded again... we not a guild to back away from a challenge... we would prefer a challenge than a walkover...

BM you keep picking a fight and trying to belittle what the whole point of this forum post was about... BETTER MATCHUPS THROUGHOUT THE GAME. Not just the top guys everyone... the current system will only balance the top maybe 20 places of the table the rest will never ballance...

You can't base matchups on something that doesn't affect the strength of a team... then you might as well keep the games based on fans, or maybe base it on how much cash you have in the bank... or maybe stadium level....

If you want decent matchups throughout the game, base matchups on championship levels... that is the only competitive match up system...

11/10/18 13:55
I swear I'm not picking a fight, I'm trying to explain. I am assuming that we both agree you arent a top 10 guild and I'm assuming we both agree you arent currently at an accurate level when at 140, is that fair to say we both agree with that?

Your initial ranking, if you are accurate, would indicate that you had a win loss record over 30 gvg of something like this
This represents what in the future with matching would be obtainable only by true to 10 (I will use your word for the purposes of this section) strongest guilds. So you were playing other guilds that had played the fan game (I'm not saying it is bad or good to do this, just stating a fact, which you confirm, that were doing so) so you had a string of losses (I'm assuming but I dont pay attention to your records so feel free to correct me). So after 2 weeks I predict your record looked something like

And what I am saying is that this put you at a level lower (yes, I'm saying you are better than your points show, I have no I'll will and no desire for you to attempt to mock me like earlier in the thread, I'm looking to explain) than you belong. However, since this occurred in one big block you are now experiencing a string of wins until those losses drop off in a month to month and a half. Currently I'm assuming you are roughly

And where most people will level out at your strength will likely be closer to a more consistent less lumpy record of

And the best guild will be

Hope this helps, and once again, not looking to argue or to be mean, just trying to explain the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. Good luck.
11/10/18 13:57
Also, if anyone thinks (I am not at all saying this is your thought so this is not an attack) that a good matchup means never having a loss then this matchup system will only work for the top 1-5 guilds. Losses are a reality for all teams, except the crusaders and leinster it seems.
11/10/18 14:03
And the benefit of not using fans is that you are matched by strength and a game cannot be played of keeping fans low or high. A guild will be where their strength indicates, Not where they arbitrarily decide to put their fan base. Going by avg champ would also lead to games as every guild would have 5 teams at level 1 to unnaturally drop their avg. So you guys are taking longer to level out due to the nature of math, but you will level out.
11/10/18 16:33
This post has nothing to do with #Rugga Rebels.... but i will defend us Our initial record was 142 Wins 10 losses and 2 draws, we on 28 wins that equal 85 point to start Ranked 15th(first place was at 91 points).... we then went though a few losses 7 and now we sit where we are Rank 140 62 points

But like i said this has nothing to do with me or my guild.... I have spoken to a lot of guys and they all saying they getting shit matchups...

So you worried about guys getting level 1 guys to drop their average... (Chicken shit guild that want top status without being top)

Simple solution... if you guild average is 50 you can't recruit a guy that is more that 10 levels below that... (why would a top guild want anyone lower than that anyway) the number of low teams you would have to add to you guild to drop your average won't be worth it. (in the example below i took the 4 level 40s and converted it to level 1 guild average will be 44 instead of 52) not worth it. (But like i said easy solution you can't recruit a guy more than 10 levels below your average)

Take the guild and add all the players championship levels up and divide it by the number of members in the guild..
example 25 members
10 are championship level 60
10 are championship level 50
5 are championship level 40

Total: 1300 divided by 25 = guild average 52

So your guild will match with guilds with a guild average from 47-62

for argument's sake the top guild has an average of 76 they will play guilds 76 - 71

The the matchups will be from maximum 5 levels below you and maximum 10 levels above you

3 points for a win
1 point for a draw
0 for a loss

I see the best results and closest matchups through the game this way...

The other option is to run guild challenges in Pools 14 guilds in a pool
Top 3 get promoted
Bottom 3 relegated
Gold balls as prizes in the top pool for the top 3 (motivation to stay at the top and get your guild to the top)

so now you ask how do you get the first pools... Simple (average Guild championship strength) or if you really want to take the current rankings and divide it up into 14 guilds in a pool.
11/10/18 17:28
I think your ideas are thought out and some will disagree with the solution. You all will level out now that you have confirmed my prediction was accurate, just give it the time the math indicates. No matter the system, other than this one to be frank, people will try to game it or be chicken expletive as you say. This system means the strongest play the strongest and everyone can know who the strongest is. I would say some guilds would dislike the restriction on recruiting as they enjoy the aspect of developing newer teams so to make that a hard line wouldn't be ideal. I actually thought you all did that and I think it is an excellent strength if you do. And I was using your guild as an example not as an attack, but to explain what was causing your frustration. So still, no ill will and best of luck
11/10/18 17:35
Also, your pool play idea is very similar to one I have supported in the past where it becomes a player champ level and a guild champ level. But that is similar to what the current is once the yoyo is done but more formalized. I would still prefer the guild champ idea I presented before the current iteration.