GC ratings

19/10/18 15:35
So how do they work?

I see teams we beat often out rank us.. we play non stop so not sure other get more games in..

is it broke? or can someone explain how it sets the ranks?

Thanks folks
19/10/18 23:05
From what I gather it goes by the last 60 days.. so it will take 60 days for a loss to drop off. and it looks like they are pairing guilds up that are around 15 - 20 rankings apart. So a team that drops will play an easier guild giving them a better opportunity to gain points. We have been playing Outsiders more than anyone else in GC's since the change and we have waited up to 36 hours for a challenger as well. The chellengers we have been getting have all have been in the top 10 but if you aren't in the top 10 you have a wider range of guilds to play against.

19/10/18 23:42