Sports Gear not showing in Training or Friendly games

01/05/24 14:24
Just noticed that sports gear purchased only appears in GC or champ games, nothing appears for either team in Friendly or Training/Map games. I have no idea why this has been changed - does this mean that sports gear bonuses are not applied in Friendlies and Map games?
01/05/24 22:54
Just got a reply from Support.
Good day,

They are active but not shown (for strategy purposes)

The Rugby Manager 2 support team

Sounds like we should all play with blindfolds on - or perhaps SweetNitro don't think we would look at other players other games now to see what gear they have? Why not let people in a Guild see each others stuff so they can help each other get better - fine hide it from everyone else if if they really think it will make that much difference.