Japan v Serbia in the first fixture of the RWC MotM competition

24/02/20 17:23
Guest GEXZBI :

Your words " You surpass yourself once again with total nonsense. The first time I ever got to number 1, I was level 74 and you were level 76. My first defence of number 1 was against you and I didn't even use subs. 

But you forget to mention that I had already reached #1 long before you...
and that was the only time you were fortunate against me ...
You never mention the amount of times it was the other way around and only crop the juicy parts never showing the extreme hidings I gave you...
Why dont you paste the O-77 I handed you with Toyota Cheetahs ? A rank game.
Why dont you show how many times I defended against you at #1 at a lower level ?
You NEVER beat me at the lower levels not ONCE ... you only could get a draw!!!
Not once did you beat me in a tourney final ...

You hold zero records besides cheating ...

It is so sad that this is your only claim to fame against me and your short level 99 wins against me with the 360/360 kick and chase 11/14

You the biggest clown on RM who can only gloat on a one hit wonder ... what you call it 5 minutes ?

You are nothing in my eyes ... and please stay on the topic at hand and stop trying to change subject to a flat earth scenario... shadow??? Omg you confused ... find the curvature with your theoretical calculation which is absolutely incorrect... There is no curve period and rivers like the Nile run downwards as in a cross Section ...

Wake up !!!

Sorry about the loss to the French on your home soil... priceless ... " it was the ref" ???

Little dragon sulking... NEXT!

Utter bullshit. Yes in one game I was testing out some experimental settings and lost heavily to you. One game. To suggest I never beat you and you constantly beat me from levels below is pure fantasy. You are a fucking idiot and no-one likes you because you talk such complete shite all the time and betray people left, right and centre.

Lets settle this once and for all.

1) When you first got to number 1, you spent the entire season asking people for lifts up the rankings so you could get and stay within range and would throw a complete strop when people defended you. I know this for a fact and several people will testify to this. Go on and deny this you fucking aphid, so I can post the screenshots of the chats with you begging people and prove you a fucking liar once again, I fucking dare you!

I didn't ask for a single lift and refused many as I wanted to do it on my own steam and ability just for the satisfaction. I even attempted to do it without subs, but could only get so far from 2 levels below and had to sub once I got in and around the top 20 or so. I set myself a challenge and achieved something I was proud of and had 0 to do with you.

2) To my knowledge and memory, you never defended number 1 against me when you were levels below, however I'm not saying it is impossible. So yes, you may well have beaten me on occasion from levels below - this was entirely possible in previous iterations of the game with no auto-subs and the lack of difference between levels. To suggest the reverse is untrue is total and utter nonsense, I have even provided evidence of this above that you said never even happened. I once beat Dragon Warlord in a friendly from 27 levels below (before the advent of dummy and preset strats) - the mitigating circumstances are that he was non-visa, while I was partially visa and he was offline so didn't sub. But it happened. I also have evidence of my beating Phalanx and Soto from 14 levels below on a couple of occasions. So again, yes I can believe that you have beaten me from levels below. No-one defends every single challenge on this game and anyone who says they do are liars. Like you. Everyone on this game knows and accepts that some results go their way and some don't, except you. You believe you are God's gift to RM and everyone is laughing at you as a result. That is the plain and ugly truth.

3) You claim I never once beat you at the lower levels. A fucking risible claim, you moron, and one that doesn't even warrant a reply. I have screenshots to prove it too. You claim that I never beat you in a tournament final. Again total and utter bullshit as I did it in the last few seasons I played even. Most of the lower levels we never met in tournaments as you kept paying for multiple level ups so you could get out of range of Inbreds, Spoek, Hurricanes and Me as we kept embarrassing you on the field of play and it pissed you off while you sat there defending friendlies with subs all day long, or switching to losing strat when you knew we had you beat.

You lie endlessly to support your position. If you were that good a player you would not need to do that and you would do your talking on the field. Even Sweet Nitro wrote that you are liar in one of their tickets when we questioned them about some of the claims you have been making on these forums. You are a half-decent player, but a fucking terrible sport and an even worse person. Seriously, you are undoubtedly the least liked and admired person on this game. The flat earth stuff is a ridiculous sideshow that just makes the entire thing worse, and further serves to illustrate that when facts are presented to you, you will simply deny them. You have delusions of grandeur and not a shred of humility in your body.

4) You slandered me saying I cozied up to you to get a strat off you. That is total BS. We were just having a chat on facebook one evening and you offered me a strat without provocation or solicitation. I was actually quite surprised and said yes, why not? The reality is that you befriend people and the moment something doesn't go the way you like, you turn on them like a snake and spend months slandering them in the worst possible ways. Insulting their wives and kids and all sorts of fucking low shots worthy of a total scumbag. You even got banned once for saying disgraceful things about someone's kids. What a fucking coward you are to do something like that.

I counted you as a friend and you turned on me out of the blue one day with huge tirade that lasted hours on end 'because I played you in a couple of friendlies when you had a GC on'. Fucking lunatic. You did the same to Steve when he joined Damage, you bad mouthed your mate Conrad to me, you turned on Inbreds and will undoubtedly have turned on half of Cag in your day too. Not to mention pretty much everyone else in RM - Spuitpoep, Juggernauts - the lot. It's your MO. A fucking snake. And then I'm told you formed a guild to attract all the best South African and African players you'd pissed all over over the years. You are having a fucking joke right? How many joined your guild out of interest?

So yes, you once gave me Ivory and Vmax's strat and I thanked you and said it helped my game. On like level 20 something. 70 fucking levels ago (I must have made literally hundreds of strats since that time). The cheek of it is that it wasn't even your strat! How can you call me a faker when you had someone else's strat also, you fucking hypocrite? You then proceeded to suck up to Gbane and Vian, I wonder why that was? Could it have been to get more of their strats? Distinct possibility. Anyway, ever since that time you have branded me as a fake and quite honestly the slander has gone beyond a fucking joke. Every single one of La Cag will tell you that they think I was a decent player who held his own. Everyone in the Exiles and Damage will tell you the same. I have never claimed to be the best on this game and never will. Only fucking knobs like you do that sort of thing.

5) Yes, this incident with the payment disputes meant I left the game on a sour note and I have expressed my regret and paid my amends. I make no fucking apologies to you though you deluded twat. You can go fuck yourself for all I and most of the RM community care.

P.S. I am the first to congratulate France on a great game of rugby and am delighted they are back to form. They were the better team on the day and deserved the rub of the green and the decisions.

None of that takes away from the fact that you are the biggest cunt ever to grace the rugby world. Now fuck off and form YET ANOTHER guild that no-one in RM will join to be with you cos you are a fucking unbearable prick!