Its only a Game

01/01/19 12:29
Wish to thank all the members of our great guild for getting to number 1 for the second time. This time hopefully we can remain there a bit longer. At the moment its a ding dong battle with Damage and Le Cag, both tough guilds.

We aimed to be No 1 on New Years day and we did it. We rebuilt this guild from the brink of oblivion.
01/01/19 13:54
Very well done.
02/01/19 06:50
Congratulations, bravo
08/01/19 20:02
Well deserved guys.
08/01/19 22:02
Best guild on the game
08/01/19 22:49
Hull fc. Sean :

Best guild on the game

It’s a bit harsh to accuse a whole guild of being on the game
09/01/19 09:09
hutchie come over one day soon, bet youd be good at it
09/01/19 19:36
Number 1 Guild