How does resetting your account work?

13/10/18 06:45
I'm just considering resetting, but how does it work? Is it the same as if I'd never played the game and I just get a brand new level one team? If I do it at season change should I do it after the season ends and the new one starts or before?
What happens to the old side - does it vanish or just turn into an unmanaged ghost team?

If I do it before the season change does the guy in my league who is second get 1st on his history? Do I vanish or am I replaced?

Anyone know any answers?
13/10/18 09:33
Hi Gold,
I don't know why you would want to reset the game. Why don't you create another account and have a second team?
I know when I started the game, it was mid-season, so I played 7 or 8 games in the league at level 1.
I don't know the answers to the other questions. But I would presume your team would carry on as a 'ghost'.

13/10/18 23:45
I find the longer I play the more rediculous some of the game mechanics come. Particularly around kicking and the disparity in the contact area when you play higher level teams. The main reason I don't just chuck it with this team is I'm pretty proud of the record and don't want to see it turn into another ghost team filling up the leagues. And I want to restart at level 1 to see if the game is actually worth playing just for itself.

From what you are saying the best bet might be to rename my team before I leave to something like "Easy Points" so it's obvious to anyone who plays it theres not a real player behind it.
14/10/18 00:43
I know that your "1st" team will remain and just diminish with time. Sell all your players and launder your RP's to your guild mates before you go. They will appreciate it.
15/10/18 09:02
Goid, good to find you here, excellent team bro. See you out there. (Boere B Team).
15/10/18 09:23
Hey mate, I had a lot of fun trying to work out why your strat was so effective. I'm just in the process of finishing beating all the teams that would have been in my league this season and then deleting my account, so we won't get to meet on the field again(But watch the auction house - there is about to be a FLOOD of good players).
I'm sure Bayonne would love you to jump ship to TRY AGAIN to take my place so you can bounce strats off each other.


15/10/18 09:50

Oh course reset is broken.......
15/10/18 11:13
Lol. Try again at the end of the season. Before you are placed in another league.
17/10/18 11:09
TheGoid, before you chuck it in, come join us at #Rugga Rebels. There are a few strategist that would love to pick your brain. Peanut Butta came for a visit and now he is part of the family.
18/10/18 03:34
Boere B Team,
TheGoid is right, mate. Find me at the TRY AGAIN guild, and challenge me so we can keep the matches between us going.