Angry and recruiting at the end of our gc.

12/05/18 13:29
Hi folks, this is going to be a rant first which will then lead into a recruitment drive, bear with me..
One of our guild members has had their account hacked a week ago from a device that wasn't linked to any of his accounts. The devs banned access instantly whilst the matter was under investigation and have now said that allthough they are no closer to finding out who did it, if he can prove his innocence in the matter they will reinstate access to his team.
I am totally shocked and disgusted by the way sweet nitros has handled this, as is the team in question, so they have understandably deleted all sweet nitros games in protest. Which brings me on to my next point... We will have a space at the end of our gc which ends in approx 20 hours, ideally we'd like to replace like for like and he was level 63 going on 65 with full stadium. I know this is a big ask and we will consider any over level 60 with full stadiums and active.
We were rank 4 yesterday and we only have one stadium left to upgrade before we can go for the top spot. So I think our entry requirements are valid. We are a very competitive strong guild, all will be 60+ next season.
Friendly me for an invite at the end of the gc, when we will sadly be booting a very good player who has understandably quit the game.
12/05/18 18:10
I wonder how they expected him to prove his innocence.
12/05/18 23:43
The problem is they must have a high bar of proof (don't know how to prove aside from email connected to account) or else anyone could claim anyone else stole their account and thus actually steal an account with SN assisting.
13/05/18 10:34
I see you your point bm but his account and hasn't been stolen by another. Someone hacked it and adjusted his gold balls and build times, so they banned all acsess to the account to the even though it wasn't any of his accounts that did the hacking. Sn want him to prove his activity when that was happening.
Basically they don't know who did it but are assuming he's guilty until he can prove otherwise.
I have a screen shot of his game with well over 1000 gb, the man wasn't shy with his card, he had no need of extra balls and if he'd wanted to speed up any builds he could of. He's spent hundreds on the game. Teams f'k, check him out, he was exceptionally good. If I've booted him before you look, there will be a friendly in my schedule.
Im completely shocked at how they've treated him particularly as he spent so much with them.