We've Got Strats My backside!

17/01/17 20:13
Black Monks :

Bulldøg :

Hillcrest likes living life on the edge In the end mb or no mb this game is about strategy, deception and most of all bullying. If you can master those 3 skills you will come out on top and be the best. If something works for you: DO IT!!!

And the truth comes out. That's all I needed. Enjoy

Any person with half a brain would see that the first sentence was a bit of light humour and it even has a smiley at the end... At no point did I state that he used Mb against you so read that comment carefully and slowly and you might just get the picture, if not ask for assistance and I am sure any kid doing the rounds here on the forum will help you out. I can vouch for the boys in my guild, they play clean... As for me, watch out because I am a dog and will take you apart by any means necessary clean or dirty. We all have the world at our disposal to beat anyone and frankly guys like you have ruined fairplay/agreements and all good things going for this game in my eyes.
18/01/17 01:22
But you admit a name is a con, nuff said

And name a time I ruined a Fairplay agreement please.

And I get you being funny with first sentence, point?

And the boys in your guild play clean unless.....There have been several clauses laid out in this and other threads by you and your boys, not by me. Unless they accidentally applied mb (don't know how that works), have full banks, etc.

So once again, I have read all I need and have shown all I care to. Now you have the last word of showing a single occasion I have broken an agreement or violated fair play in any way shape or form. Oh, and azza still needs his big boy logic pants in the other thread.
18/01/17 07:27
You really have a miserable existence don't you Black Monks? I have no idea why you would see the point in the continual antagonistic comments on the forum - do you get off on starting arguments and disputes on here? Well anyway, I have no desire to participate in this any more. I play this game for fun and I enjoy the comradeship within my guild - they're a good bunch of fun guys who are very good at this game. I was choosing to ignore your consistent baiting of me to respond and partake in your behaviour, however I will now respond and respond once before not responding to you again.

I take exception and offence to you consistently calling me "boy" or suggesting I need to wear "big boys pants" or explain "big boy logic". Who do you think you are to reference me in such disrespectful ways? You don't know me. You can't judge my maturity or suggest that I'm immature. For reference, I'm 42 years old, I have two kids and I work in an senior executive role at a very large financial services company. So don't suggest I am a boy or make inferences that I am immature or need to grow up.

It seems that you get off on baiting or antagonising people to respond and engage in your arguments. You seem to be very clever at pushing people to respond in ways that get them muted, whilst pushing the boundaries yourself before backing off and apologising to the moderators. I have no interest in this behaviour. I play this game for fun, I am not on here 24/7 - I have a very busy life. So forget about trying to call me out to respond to your debates - I declare no interest.

Try and have some fun, lighten up and enjoy the game for what it is. And finally, respect other people on here and maybe you'll enhance your own reputation.
18/01/17 08:06
I think this 'topic' has run its course.