Ball stuck at the corner line

18/09/19 11:05
During a match (mykonos II - tehranpanjereh) 0n 18 sep 2019 at about 12.00 the ball was sent to the corner (06/90 min).
Then two players went on the ball. After that nothing happened and the ball stayed there until the end of the game.
18/09/19 12:28
An old Iranian trick I thought it was fixed though.

Go to support & put in a ticket give date & time of match. If you get the right guy he will look at it & pass it on to somebody who will try & stop it but if you get the wrong one he will just say please give more details & prob not even look if that happens about all you can do is say watch the match & hope you don't get the same lazy sod look at your reply.