Cheating !!!

04/08/16 17:02
How is it possible to have 7 players 18 years old and with skill 175 and 200% trainingspeed????
look at Nr 1 ARIA
And then the admins tell me you can't buy players with cash, only on the transfer market.
THIS I call cheating from the highest level, no wonders that people leaving this game
04/08/16 17:49
If your high enough levelled you can buy this sort of player but it does cost you real money but you can have as many as you want if you have the money to pay real cash for them. You get them in premium packs top right hand corner of your screen in the little present symbol personally I've never bought one but I know several people who have and especially if you get a keeper it's nearing on impossible for the other team to score,
04/08/16 18:03
he is not the only one,dollard too bought young players like that...i already told about it but they dont's just that money can change everything in this game like in real life.......they dont care about those who can't use real money.........i'm in the top level 28 now but since my level 15 ...there was so many differences between teams because of that...

04/08/16 18:34
If not everyone has the option of buying a player it is cheating.
i don't have the option and i'm in level 18
05/08/16 08:23
Haha found it lol