What has happened to this game?

20/06/16 21:31
There are eight members in Rebels; my game has reset, and I know of at least two others who have had the same problem!
20/06/16 21:35
There seems to be a bug

admins can you tell us what is going on and when you think things will be back to normal again?
20/06/16 21:41
My game has totally reset after not being available - I used to belong to the Rebels guild but now am not part of it
20/06/16 21:44
I aint part of anyone.. my game has totally reset.. havent evem got a stadium
20/06/16 21:44
I can't even log on now.. What has happened

I can log on after awhile, but I've lost all my gold balls, my guild membership, league, tournament, and who knows what else...This better get sorted else I'm leaving this game..
20/06/16 21:46
mine the same back to level 1
20/06/16 21:46
Happened the same to me... Really upset... I don't want to lose all the time spent playing at this game any news??
20/06/16 21:49
wots happen half my guild has dissapeared
20/06/16 21:51
all guys are in the same case of you: no building, no team... All to restart to zero, it will upset many guys if nothing is done to repair this bug

Sorry for my english, i am french
20/06/16 21:56
I was a member of The Commonwealth and tried changing my name back to what it was originally Willian FC but didnt work.... totally disguested, spent a lot of time getting to where I was and now NOTHING!!! Please help