Patch 3.2

29/05/16 00:02
Swans> it's a training formation to wait for thoses who will play me(friendly match or guild challenge),it's not my formation in the championship, and the last problem is not that,its because the players is around the GK to intercepte the ball,they are so close,it's totally different..

The Clueless one > I TOTALY AGREE, Get rid match bonus ,there are lot of team which are so rich and also have so good players that i cant understand how they do....
30/05/16 18:46
Thanks PL for clearing that up. Still strange that it is okay for guild challenges and training matches and not for other matches.
09/06/16 09:43
the developers of this game have suddenly gone from making good progress with this game to destroying it!! they've completely ruin the game by introducing arrows on the blue team making it look like your having a game of cowboys and indian's with a football being thrown in by mistake.