Alpha Omega™ checking in

27/06/19 05:57
Whats up guys 49ers™ here, checking in our guild Alpha Omega, formerly Friday Night Lights, we've made some changes in the leadership, and have some momentum going forward we changed the name. We, like most everyone else, have spots open. We talk alot and are very active, good groups of friends. Come check us out if you take the game seriously, and want to join a guild where we promote those who put the work in. Demote those who don't, no favoritism, no cliques.
29/06/19 20:15
You might want to add what you changed your guild name to =)
30/06/19 09:08
Alpha Omega
01/07/19 00:15
So the name is "The Beginning and End"...ok
01/07/19 02:58
Sorry 49ers.... I'm an idiot LOL
01/07/19 04:46
Jammin Giants :

Sorry 49ers.... I'm an idiot LOL

lol. can confirm.
01/07/19 08:52
The beginning and the end, that's right. The first and the last, how ya doing jammin?.
01/07/19 23:14
Thanks Maddog LOL Still kickin 49ers =)
02/07/19 00:04
Right on. I'm just barely stretching my legs out, got a ways to go but pointed in the right direction. What guild?
02/07/19 14:31
Jammin is a pimp (Booo! lol). I'm a Reaper/Brother (I have 2 teams)