23/03/18 16:10
I have asked this question before but maybe i didn't explain myself right. My Question is are we supposed to be able to train just 1 player with the Quick Train...using the Gold balls?? Because i can not. I have tried selecting just the player I want but it only spreads out the points.. It is the only way I can see that people can have a 18 year old player maxed out. Thanks for any responses.
23/03/18 22:19
People have a 18 y/o maxed player because they bought the player with real money. When you buy one or a package, they come young and maxed to your current level. Never tried Quick training just one guy.
01/04/18 11:26
How to make a 2 pt conversion.
05/04/18 00:09

02/05/18 21:43
You cannot quick train one guy. In addition to defining who you want to get training points, the purpose of being able to select which players to train is to clarify which players health you want to impact. Since there is no health impact with a quick train (no downside) it automatically applies it to all.

As Jammin has implied, there is overallocation of training skill by just training a couple of players. If you're seeing a player with impossibly high skills, it is likely they were purchased or they could simply have a very high training speed and the manager may have used gold balls to fund a lot of quick trains!

Stay thirsty my friend.
19/05/18 10:51
Can anyone explain the training efficiency in the training facilities level up?