Chronic Boosters

28/10/17 04:02
So the aim of this thread is to allow non match bonus users to know who is most likely to boost them, giving them the option to defend themselves, at least in champ games if they choose. If everyone is able to defend themselves hopefully it'll become pointless to boost in the first place.

I'll start by naming Baschels Falcons, level 29 as of 27OCT2017.

Please feel free to add others and link to this so we can spread the word.

Don't boost, it's just not cricket.
28/10/17 04:19
New England Patriots, Level 32
28/10/17 04:32
Pitt Panther and Mad Dog Mattis, Level 32
28/10/17 04:34
Pitt Panther boosted his own mother. The man has no shame.
28/10/17 04:34
All of ProBowlers, Various Levels
28/10/17 04:38
Well if we can get Pitt and Mad Dog to stop being chronic boosters that would be a good start
28/10/17 09:45
New England Patriots again 32. Possibly the biggest booster in the game right now
28/10/17 20:15
I always will in League games.

There is a way to find out. Look at your opponent's stadium before the game and as you leave the screen their balance flashes up (very briefly, you need to look quick). Do it again after the match and you get your answer...

As an example at 19:20 BST on 28/10/17: Who the chuff cares has a balance of 22.5 Million.
29/10/17 00:58
29/10/17 00:59
Where on the screen does it pop up so I know where to look?