Folder setups and info

10/02/17 19:01
The Down setting is a folder option that allows that folder to be active on that Down. Same goes for Quarter, Distance, and Touchdown Distance. So my example is I've got three folders, named 1st,2nd and 3rd Down. Within them I put the formations and plays I wish to use on that down. So I run all my wishbone plays of 1st Down. All my Pro on 2nd down and Shotgun on 3rd down. You also can include your defensive setups in these folders but they'll share the same Rhythm as the offense. If you want you can make a defense folder(s) to separate the defensive settings. You can also do it by distance, making a select plays for certain 1st down distances. You can even make single play folders that have certain down, distance, rhythm, attack speed and other slider options for that play. But that gets to be a bit difficult to handle. You can have a broad offense folder and defense folder and a special folder for going for it on 4th down and 2pt conversions. It's up to how tiny of a detail you wish to setup your strategy. I've done a pass and run folders, I've done it by distance for 1st downs, and have done it by downs themselves. Each gives a extra depth in play calling. Try it out and see what works for you.
10/02/17 20:43
Sam Tech you alter ego is very kind sharing this kind of tips and we do appreciate it. May I make a suggestion...if you want to drive the message through jump on to Togo's thread for the beginners will drive the message throguh and even help the local Doghouse get up from the floor.