Bugs in Championship Teams Fluctuating daily after 1st week of games

28/07/23 23:36
Hi Guys

Support is but a word. I don't know if these "GM's" know how to change a diaper. Screenshots is the call out, when obviously you can see that the rankings per Championship doesn't display or is even close to Tournament. Currently ONLY the Tournament display the power of the Team as win or loose and what player average were that indicate that a level with 400 average can't possibly beat the team with average 750plus. If you follow the logic, you can see that Player A has ave 750+ and how far 77-84 beats the opponent, but, suddenly "draw or loose vs a player ave 400 in Championship. That is an indication that when you complain and mention that, it has merits, The programmers are either non existent or total kluts. They don't seem to be able to do analythics.
29/07/23 00:59
I'm guessing you're posing the age-old question of "How a substantially weaker team (on paper) can defeat a stronger team"?

The answer can be numerous. If you post your team name and Guild, maybe I (or another experienced player) can take a look at the matches in question and hopefully give you a definitive answer.
31/07/23 11:59
Strat building levels and gear make all the difference