what is the greatest guild?

07/05/20 05:23
the big question is, what is the greatest guild yet made?
id say damage inc or marvel they have been succsesful,
But i reckon someone should put together a guild with the top team's in the game into it, to make a undefeatable guild, who's with me?
07/05/20 08:35
That could result in more conflict among the guilds though, because they all want to be top, but if a guild is so invincible that they will never drop, then imagine how others would feel? If there was an invincible guild that no one can defeat, then it wouldn’t make the game more interesting and fun to play. Instead there would be no point trying to compete for the top place as it would make things predictable. Also the guild that’s undefeated would eventually lose interest in playing as there would be no challenge.
The purpose of guild challenges is to have some challenge among the guilds and see who may win or lose, not complete dominance to the degree that the guild cannot be defeated. So there has to be a bit of unpredictability in order to make the game interesting.

I’m against you at all, just my opinion
08/05/20 05:52
21/05/20 00:20
Care Bears did that a while back was a lot of fun, then disbanded back to their original ones
21/05/20 07:11
21/05/20 12:32
The best guild is Valhalla but that’s just my opinion.
Others may disagree. HHahahhaa
21/05/20 14:17
I've played in alot of great guilds but if I can only pick just one I would have to pick If Carlsberg did guilds when Serious fun was their leader and his right hand Falkland sound the level of detail in which they analysed teams and how they masterminded GC plans it's something i've never seen in any other guild.