Patch 7.2 idea

16/02/19 12:31
Idea for update.

World cup.

- 16 nations represented by 15 teams each.
- The 15 highest ranked (in the map rankings) teams under a given flag will make up each nation.

- The cup will take place over a full month
- The format of the cup will be a knockout system and will start at the round of 16 (16 nations).
- Each nation will be drawn against another nation and each team in that nation will be paired with another team.
- Most wins out of the 15 pairings wins the round. No draws so sudden death after 80 minutes in the event of a tie.
- The winning nation knocks out the other nation and progresses to the next round (8 nations then 4 nations, then 2, then 1).
- The cup will be available for all to see in your match page.
- To spread out the matches evenly throughout the month, 5 matches will be played per day at a dynamic time that is convenient to both nations going head to head (the times will be agreed beforehand prior to the start of the competition)
- 3 days rest between rounds to help spread the cup over the full month
- A group chat will be active for all those participating in the nation throughout the world cup.

- Rewards for winning will be one free visa player along with 10,000 RPs, 20 gold balls and 50m cash for each of the winning 15 teams
- Runner up will get 5,000rps 10 gold balls and 25m in cash.

- All world cups won by nations will be added together and a brand new ranking system will show who has won the most cups

- This will hopefully encourage more teams to fight out for the best rankings possible by the cut-off date.
- It will will encourage more teams to fight to stay in the highest possible league
- Unfortunately I feel teams would change nation flags to manipulate the idea to form elite nations to win the prizes
the only way to stop this is to forever remove the option to change your flag at the cut off time.

- You will be given one month notice of the start date to give you time to adjust
16/02/19 14:01
Awesome idea.... 1 month notice, that's like two seasons, mmmm, more like 48hrs notices, 1 month later you might be two levels below top level, just saying. Dexter
16/02/19 15:41
i think the idea dexter is to have the very best players every month in the cup, not just random teams.

does this give teams a kick on to get better?

top idea this sean
17/02/19 12:35
they had this idea last month in the footie version and mess the game up completely put extra teams in guilds couldnt play games a complete mess
19/02/19 21:27
So effectively a additional leg for the big guys. Why do you not make the world cup level dependant rather. Then everyone can have their day at the party. Or even groups in brackets of 5 levels each.
19/02/19 21:41
i beleieve there will be two going on, the elite and the lower