Consequences for Not Playing Guild Challenge Matches

04/07/18 15:27
There have been so many complaints about teams not playing their matches in the guild challenges, and it's about time RM does something about it.

It's frustrating to play a guild challenge and for your opponents to only play 10 games against you out of the 50 games possible. We've had guild challenges where the opposition only used 6 of their 25 available challenges. And twice by the same guild (a top 20 guild in terms of fans too).

All RM has done is force guilds to have a minimum of 20 teams to be able to participate in guild challenges. While this does ensure that you can't draw a challenge against a guild of only 11 teams (also frustrating), it actually doesn't solve the problem. All that it's done is force guild leaders to keep inactive players just to keep their membership above 20. So although you might draw a guild with 22 members, you might as well be drawing a guild of 11 members because the same amount of challenges might be played.

I would like to see some sort of penalty system introduced that penalizes a guild for inactivity in a guild challenge. Just by way of suggestion, how about if a guild doesn't play at least 50% of their challenges, they cannot search for another guild challenge for 4 days? Or deduct recruitment points?

Then lower the minimum members to 17 or 18 to be able to play a guild challenge to give guild leaders more "rope" to be able to kick inactive teams. I'd rather play against a guild of 17 active players than a guild of 20 that has only 10 active players.

Any more ideas or suggestions from the rest of the guilds?
04/07/18 17:42
Totally agree. On too many occasions we have faced guilds who have left over 30 un-played matches, this is a massive financial loss and does nothing to help fan base either. SN have got to do something about this as it is making guild challenges unplayable and boring as hell. Soon we will end up guildless and just play competition games, at least the opposition have to turn up. Even the tournaments are a joke. If you come up against a team who will smash you then just leave the tournament, no reprimand or consequences and the other team is left hanging with no benefit. Just get it sorted SN or more people will walk.
04/07/18 18:48
Fully agree. Most gc match ups are a complete joke.
04/07/18 20:02
A better system for choosing opponents based on Guild numbers plus average champ levels and team ratings would be better than the current mince of Guild numbers + average fans. Either that or the ability to pick from a list of GC opponents. Until that is done, yes, a penalty system would be good.
05/07/18 02:40
It is with alot of dissapointment to play agains Ruck & Scrum.... We at Sicarii played all our games and ensured the money get split evenly. Ruck & Scrum did not play 26 of their games... What is the use of having a guild or playing the game if you are not participating in the compition????


Its time for SN to get this oaks penalised as a lot of the bigger accounts is retiring daily because the game is so boring these days.... what is the point in entering a gc an nothing is happening????

Come on SWEET NITRO, get a proper solution for this otherwise you going to loose more and more users!!!!!
05/07/18 13:42
Don't you all realize it would be better to make a list of those that do play all their games, it would be a lot shorter list.