World Cup

26/04/18 10:42
There will be an online tournament for rugby manager. This is for fun and little bragging rights. If you would like to sign up check the link for the appropriate signup page for your level in the new championships.

RM World Cup Elite Levels 50 - 66
RM World Cup Pro Levels 40 - 50
RM World Cup Semi-Pro Levels 30 - 40
RM World Cup Amateur Levels 20 - 30

The Tournament will start 7 May 2018.

When you register, use your TEAM NAME as the registration name. In the Description, please add your GUILD NAME and LEVEL (if you register now, please use the level you will be in when the new championship switches over).

Make sure of what level link you should sign up with. Level 40's can not play the ELITE tournament as an example. You have to play the Tournament that is set up for your level. The rules will be on you tournament page.

The rules are posted on the DISCUSSION tab.

Please sign up to take part in the fun.