Ranking System

12/04/18 12:34
What a huge joke the ranking system in this game is. Our guild is in the the 50’s ranking and we just beat a guild in the top 10 without even trying. The ranking system is just as screwed as MB. Having fans doesn’t make you good, winning GC makes you good. Having players who actually put in the hours working out strats and improving their games , makes tou a top 10 worthy guild. Not a sissy boy who probably never played sports that now sits a top a guild and forces his members to upgrade stadiums so he can be in the too 10 at least once in his life.

One possitive thing is, we daily sit and check the rankings out and have a good laugh about how stupid it is. Thanks for that, at least we know the developers have a good sense of humour, otherwise why else would they keep it like this along with the valuable help me win a match without actually knowing what I’m doing MB.
12/04/18 15:11
Yeah our guild isn't even in the top 100 guilds as far as fans go, but when we drew the top ranked guild in guild challenge, we spanked them hard. The truth is, nobody cares about those rankings. I'm genuinely surprised anybody even looks at it. People don't judge a guild's quality by where they stand in those guild rankings, but by how many of that guild's teams are in the top 10 and top 100 player rankings.