Hawaii Try-0 II

30/12/17 21:41
We've set up a feeder guild for our ain guild "Hawaii Try-0"
the guild is open to any level and ability!
My B team Melbourne Storm is the leader
We also have 1 spot in my main guild
9 teams have sent 1 k heals and 2 about to reach 1.5k
all welcome
Whats app group
Top tactics
95.3% win in guild vs guild games

30/12/17 21:43
This is my B team
You're all welcome in either guild I run
You can share my tactics.
No need for match bonus with these tactics.
01/01/18 14:50
01/01/18 22:04
Thanks for the invite into your other guild dude, much appreciated. Also thanks for the arse kicking you gave me when I hit you up for a friendly the other day. Ha ha, I learnt a lot from that game.

Thanks again,

Saruman, Way Of The Wizzard.
04/01/18 21:11
very nice team ans guild you have going there brother
keep up the good work
19/03/18 17:48
You stole my player Beasts he’s a freaking Gold Digger didn’t even say thanks to me for accepting him my word big disrespect
25/03/18 08:52
Get over yourself or you might find yourself very lonely in your guild
26/03/18 04:33
I’ll never be lonely I have Ashley Longthorn in my guild and loads of friends in Facebook and others from Football Champions so be ashamed of your comment Ekstasy
26/03/18 08:23
Ding dong a L16 who knows it all. How do you recruit players to your guild? Do you just rely on the open door or your temper tantrums on here? Think 2066 might be when you are finally competitive. Ambitious.
26/03/18 11:06
do You know what you’ve even just said about us?!