26/05/16 20:38
Do you think it is fair to play players in positions they could never play in a real rugby match, just because you bought a high level player cheaply in the auction house? I mean an 8 or 15 playing prop for example.
10/06/16 10:52
Just as in real life, players can be trained to play in different positions. Back rowers often get converted to front rowers for example.

However I do think there should be a position specialist bonus/penalty though. So if you play a prop at prop he will have a slight natural % advantage over a no.8 playing there, if both are trained to the same level.
10/06/16 11:28
Don't think of them as positions - they're not positions if the player isn't trained for them, they're just labels. Besides, there are plenty of examples of converted players in real rugby - Tom Youngs from centre to hooker as just one example. And my own son converted from 8 to prop last season, and also had an effective game on the wing.
Rugby is a late specialisation game, after all.