Latest dirty trick No prizes for guessing which nationality are doing this

18/04/19 11:59

I or rather we have just come across a new dirty trick from you know who if they have the lowest or even several lowest teams those then quit the guild so that reduces the amount of teams from both guilds in the G C & either evens it up for them or even gives them the edge then straight away the teams that quit re-join them.

Just how much lower can they stoop?
18/04/19 17:58
yes but chances are the guys that leave will be replaced by someone who can't actually play in the gc like newbies thats why they' were on the bench, but i'm a great believer in putting out the strongest side you know will play. They may just be simply wiping out deadwood as alot of lesser players are commited for a while but lose interest fast so the guild was probably right to boot them I've booted people before in the 12 hr preparation period if i realise people are in gc and hey've not showed for a few and haven't sent heals or said they'll be away just get them rid each guild is different and they're just doin whats right for them i'm a bit like that myself don't like to put weak links in unless where gunna cruise it to which I can give an opportunity out to one thats lesser.
19/04/19 00:12
Not in this case the same ones return
13/06/19 08:51
It seems that some of them at least are still at it. We have just won 4 GC's in a row & I know you cant winem all but this one is taking the p.

In the Guild ratings we are currently number 43 & we are playing a guild who is number 130 yet we are getting slaughtered currently they have made 20 challenges & won 17 of them I know we are not the best but also we are not that bad we have made 23 challenges & only won 6 plus some of the scores ie in what should have been close games 10-0 twice 6-0 7-0 etc normally I would put in a ticket but this close to the end of the season by the time it gets passed up & looked at the next season will have started & the record of the matches will have been wiped. I know because I have had this problem with tickets about cheating towards the end of the season before it takes 5-6 days to get them to look at it.

As I'm sure you have guessed as always they are Iranians lets just hope Trump finally totally flips & wipes the buggers off the face of the planet.