The game is becoming a farce

30/12/18 18:59
Iain Rees :

Have now heard about many games from friends and GC members where you play a team with either no sports kits or small amount at low level, and their players are not at top levels for speed or stamina, but are beating teams fully loaded with sports kit most at level 3, their players are maxed on speed and stamina. Your maths don't work guys ! It's very simple, if your team is trained to top value and you have sports kits at level 3, there is no way a lower level player with no shoes, water sports kits and low level of speed and stamina players can beat their teams ! Some of the scores are are also stupid, 0-34, 14-31, 7-40 ! Really guys get a grip, you introduced the stupid sports kits, reward the teams who are buying them to improve their players. Also most of these teams have 100% Rhythm, but their players are outrunning fresh players who are faster then them at 65 mins to FT !! No logic and takes the piss out players who improve their teams with all of your requirements !

Lets not forget that a good strat goes a long way to being a decisive factor in winning games. Some teams are vulnerable to passing strats and some to strats with plenty of penetration and rucking. This is absolutely confirmed by the fact that some teams are able to compete to quite some considerable degree with a team with not a single bought player (visa) against teams full of visas in the top 4 or 5 levels. Strats really are still king in this game to a large extent happily.
30/12/18 19:00
King of the Jungle #Rugga Rebels :

One of our guildmate (Kwagga at #Rugga - he is lvl 63) played his whole championship 2-3 season ago without any gear (not even lvl 1) as he was saving cash for building upgrades.. (and we challenged him to not buy any gear). He still won his championship..
A good strat is better than lvl 3 gears...

31/12/18 01:07
Having players with lower training stats in speed, and stamina sprinting away from those that are maxed on speed and stamina is a regular event. However, what's the point in bitching about it when you know it won't change, even with a flood of tickets.
There was an update a while ago to 'reduce randomness', and I don't think I've seen so much 'randomness' in the game since it was introduced. Sweet Nitro seem to be pretty good at creating more problems when trying to fix one that is ongoing.

At the end of the day, it's just a game, and to be honest, it makes me crack up when people take it too seriously.