New update

09/11/21 12:13
Surely the way this game has been slowed to the point of boredom has killed this game off. Why spend years and money building a team for nitro to kick you in the face and basically say thanks suckers for your cash but your players now have become obsolete
09/11/21 19:26
Utter rubbish ! The game again has been designed with no thought, defenders with low stats are tackling much higher stat players, atttackers with high stats are now snails, making training players pointless as stats mean nothing, opposite No1No10's side step and avoid players, where as your No10 runs straight into defenders, giving pens in tackle against lower stat players, wake up Nitro,, player stats should run the game, if your player is top stats he should be beating defenders who have lower stats. And if one teams players run around players then the other team must have the same as game doesn't allow you to tell the player how to play. Get rid of these updates they have ruined the game and we are back to stupid results cause the game makes it up and player stats mean nothing.