Guild Challenge Points NOT being allocated

22/06/21 01:10
Hi Community - Please confirm how the Guild Challenge points work? We keep winning, but remain on the same Points. Should you be the Guild challenging in order to get the points or do you only get points when your Guild is challenged by another Guild?
22/06/21 01:36
Hi, apparently GC points are calculated over a 60 day period. 3pts for any win or draw (if you are 1st to get to the total number of wins). It may well be you had a winning streak 2 months ago, so those points will have dropped off.
25/06/21 17:21
To clarify what Peanut Butta has said. If you win today then you will get 3 points. If you won 60 days ago then you will also lose those points (from 60 days ago). The net result would be that your points stay the same. The effect is that you can only gain points for winning if you lost or drew 60 days ago.

To confuse things even more. The GCs don't always end exactly 60 days from one another. This means that the addition or subtraction doesn't always take place immediately but may be delayed until the end of the next GC. It does work out in the end though.