Underleveled ?

02/09/20 10:21

This game is becoming more and more unfair instead of it being otherwise... i found myself in a championship with 7 teams which have a level advantage ( me being 116 and they are 117)
I have no chance in competing with them!!! Its nonesence...

Can you explain me this, and in future try to AVOID these kind of problems!

Team Zemun
05/09/20 17:16
It happens when there isn't enough teams to make a full Chmp at the higher level, so they drop down.

I had 4 consecutive seasons of this inbalance, 2 against, 2 for. So it's swings and roundabouts.
17/10/20 16:43
Haha very frustrating when it s against you... Had it also 2 seasons in a row which push me to retire for a few seasons...

@Peanut B.: Nice to see you re still there and still annoying many visa players with your badass non-visa team ;p
Just started playing again.. Hopefully will be able to come back at your level soon for some good battles..
Take care
19/10/20 13:02
Great to see you back, man, already doing the can-can!

Thought you were gone, looked around for you. But, there you are, hiding in Blade's Guild, lol.

And on the above subject - He's in a Chmp with higher lvls (full metal visas), haha.
19/10/20 17:28
Haha - Yes, just noticed he has 8 teams at higher level in his champ.. That s an ugly scenario when you re 3-4 levels from the top.. haha

haha I joined the guild a few seasons ago to say “Hi” to Orlok and check how he s doing with his new team.. and then just stopped playing for a few seasons. Was a bit tired of getting 2 injured players at every game in top 3-4 leagues.. :/

But as most players here, my retirement didn t last very long... lol.
But it s painful to get a good team when you stop playing for a while.. most of my players retired (or are about to retire), and there s not a lot of good players in the auction.. Let s see how it goes..

Hopefully, next season I will be in a championship with players who are one level below.. lol