Adjust balance between league and cup

04/04/18 16:52
At the moment I'm throwing my league games so I can play weaker teams in the Cup to win gold coins. I think other people are doing this too as I quite frequently loose to people despite fielding a team at the point of exhaustion with zero rhythm.

I think we're doing this because for winning a league I win 13 million. However if I win three cups during the league I win 30 gold coins. For 60 gold coins I can unlock a piece of land which would cost me 100 million. So the cup provides the equivalent of 50 million. Therefore, it is always best to stay in a league until you can no longer efficiently train your players.

So, I suggest, increase the reward for winning a league.

Thank you
04/04/18 17:23
For most the reward is your team getting better and this providing more benefit for the guild in gvg. Also, most want to try and be the best. To be the best you must beat the best.
05/04/18 09:35
Um yeah, my point is you improve more effectively by going up the leagues slower
05/04/18 11:58
And my point is you can't improve as quickly if you don't go up levels
05/04/18 18:57
One of you is talking about sim city and the other about strategy.

Apples and pears...
06/04/18 15:06
You can improve quicker because you build better training facilities and buy better players with a better auction tower. You only need to go up a league when you've maxed your players out which takes longer than 1 season.
06/04/18 15:43
There are ways to move all up together and have more than ample RP in the ah. Think of players as commodities and you can take advantage of the situation