14/09/15 05:07
Having a search engine for available guilds would be good. I've only just got my guild hall built and there is no available guilds i can join. However when i select the top guild option there seems to be a few guilds not at full capacity. If you can add a search option to see if there is any available that people can join then that would be great
14/09/15 06:56
this option exists, however, only appears guilds to join when their number of hits fans with the minimum capacity that they accept in their guilds, for example, to get into a guild is necessary 16,000 fans, but if you only have 15,000 can not ingresar in this guild, you can only get in a guild with an invitation from a member of the same. That is, if not appear guilds to join, it is because you have a few fans. Update your stadium.