more variation in the gc's - game is becoming stagment

01/03/19 23:27
Hello i'm leader at Rebels I don't know about other guilds but I can guarantee almost every season at least 3 times a season we will play Kavak tigers and tbh it's a bore everyone knows the outcome before we've even played the challenge. We've also played them that many times I know exactly who i can and can't beat so there is nothing challenging about the guild challenge when we play Kavak .

I don't mind loosing out to Kavak they're a good team and Im happy to lose to anyone whose good enough to take us but for crying out loud just give us someone else theres over 400 guilds in this game and I just find it amazing how we just happen to play same guilds on repeat i'd love to be able to request to play a guild and then for that leader to accept or decline the request. I just find amazing how we play the likes of YOUTAB ,KAVAK , Baroboax's yet I can't remember last time we played Celts Alliance , Vietnam and friends , legions, sons of pitches , commonwealth for example or even some guild I've never heard of outside top 100 just wanna see a mix of guilds just becoming a bit predictable
02/03/19 08:59
Know what you mean we have 3 that keep coming up 2 we always win as long as enough of us play & one where we just play for the cash