Welcome to Flick Arena

13/07/17 17:31

Please feel free to leave your feedback or ask game related questions here. If however you have encountered a problem in the game, please contact our support team (in game > home screen > options > support).

Enjoy the game!

25/08/17 16:11
do you have to buy the rock and the lightening balls? Game power balance is uneven and is boring now.
25/08/17 16:53
Hi Glen, no you don't, you will unlock them with time. Thor is legendary so quite hard to get in a chest but all characters are available in chests.

However all counter/defensive characters are easy to get. You can negate Thor with the octopus or the snowman. Also, simply playing an Armored or such tanky char as a defender should allow you to counter Thor.

Same for the golem you can negate him pretty easily with the snowman. The Golem is pretty good on Yellowstone Castle due to his weight but otherwise he isn't that powerful.
23/12/17 01:30
Where do i go to play the game. I can't find the game?
26/12/17 17:22
How do I gift fragments to guild members?
27/12/17 08:14
Mud you have to join a guild and then in the chat you can donate pieces to them if they ask for it. You must have some pieces to give away though.
28/12/17 00:28
I see. They have to request them. Thanks Gizwiz
28/05/18 11:48
Can you kick out members from your guild if they don't play anymore?
29/05/18 07:13
@LtBlueberry : Yes. Just go on the guild's page, the one with the list of members. Click on the one you want to kick, the rest is pretty simple.
29/05/18 15:54
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