what the hell is going on, developers?

09/06/16 02:14
what is this game becoming with whatever updating you did destroying all my tactics and formations?

this game is becoming one that is pissing me off big time!

players cannot even control the ball anymore.....bloody goalkeeper is just standing there n not moving, players keep running backwards, etc????

thanks for your screwed up updates!
09/06/16 09:47
Can you tell me the strategy that doesn't work well please?
Do you have a match as example?
10/06/16 18:33
you are just not listening to the players the top guild rebels and my own team wales have in the last few days lost some of the best players in the game because of the way its played allowing stupid formations no off side rule ect ect ect and if you don't get it sorted out i can see a lot more players leaving!!! i mean where in the world do you have a league that basically only has half a season its pafatic
10/06/16 23:46
Agreed, this is pretty much me done with this nonsensical "game". Fun of playing has long since disappeared.
11/06/16 13:50
hi, admin,

where do I begin? rather than give u examples, why don't u play team from we iran n the Iranian team guilds?

play all their teams in friendlies n then u will see what I mean?

in an ideal world, our goalkeepers should be moving to try to defend their goal area instead of standing there n having a cup of tea to let the other team score! or he will scores a goal direct from his goal kick? huh? what's going on?

it's so stupid n funny at the same time!

let me know what u think?

thank u
12/06/16 00:00
Explain this type of tactic

Why do you allow this kind of tactic 0-0-10

and the funniest thing I lose 4-0
12/06/16 00:03
stop this way of tactics or I will start to play like this

this is disgusting
12/06/16 00:46
so true, this is being a bloody stupid joke of a game with bloody idiots playing really shit football.

please do something like offside traps n yellow cards for being offside as this will stop these bastards from destroying the game.

12/06/16 09:00
Hi its will.. i am back for a nosey.. this chat is the exact reason i stopped playing this.. and the admin acting totally clueless.. explain to me what football game a team can win playing 0 0 10.. explain to me where the offside rule isnt used.. explain to me any league where the top 9 teams are promoted.. explain to me a league where everyone plays once.. explain to me what players consider 31 a retirement age.. i sent a ticket before i left the game but as useless as the admins are it hasnt even been acknowledged. Ans then they ask pathetic questions acting clueless to what the problems are.. you have players in big guilds ( rebels, team wales, dream killers )who are role models for the smaller teams who are complaining and leaving the game over the blank expressions we get from above.. i will come on at some point hoping for a reply
12/06/16 09:38
ok i understand the problem of the 0-0-10 but can someone tell me how 3-0-7 or 1-2-1-6 formations are ok as some of the big teams use them to me none of them formations should be used but people moan about them and use them still thats not going to get sublinet to change them if they use them, just my point from what i have seen ps now lets see me get shot down