Teams up for take over

01/02/20 09:54
no probs
01/02/20 13:10
Been on there a lot to still look at but looks promising & at first glance no parting with cash for boosts. If so then its skill not cash so I could be interested
01/02/20 14:13
no probs
03/02/20 15:25
last time for me to log in guys just 1 last thank you to all those who have supported me and played in my guilds wiush you all best guys
07/02/20 12:51
24/02/20 10:51
I have now been playing Football Management Ultra for over 3 weeks. It looks good at first but has more bugs than a Chinese Takeaway.

The worst three are you should get a daily log in Bonus but your lucky if you get it more than twice a week, You win players in the auction & they never arrive & worst of all If you buy something (cash) it may not arrive & try complaining & if Football Management Ultra even reply which they don't do most of the time they tell you to contact Facebook who tell you to contact Football Management Ultra & they just play pass the buck. Fortunately I'm only £4.62 down others are far worse off.

Avoid this game it sucks you in then screws you I'm lucky I got off cheap have quit & sent them a message telling them exactly what I think of them not that I doubt they will give a stuff though.