What is going on ?

24/08/19 10:20
I have just bought a player from the AH called Innoncent I bought him for 20 rp when I'd bought him it took 40 rp off to which i was initially annoyed at and then I thought only 20 rp extra like but i now have two Gk called innocent with the exact same stats?
24/08/19 10:25
so i can't play both keepers at the same time unfortunately lol but yeah i'm dark destroyer in rebels if anyone wants to check this out he's 379 overall rated he's aged 27 called innocent
26/08/19 08:42
That happened to one of my teams a while ago for 8 or 9 days it played with 12 players inc 2 goalkeepers no idea how it happened I just put one in the line up & then discovered both were there along with 10 others. I guess somebody put in a ticket about it & they sorted it but it was good while it lasted