Why have I been promoted into a level beyond that of what I am?

14/03/19 12:05
I thought the game was fixed was last season when magically all of a sudden I could win tournie games I had an even chance of winning or loosing but couldn't recall me scoring too many in a a gc or a league game on any account of mine and finished bottom on two of 3 accounts and getting promoted on none. . Now this doesnt prove the game is fixed for me not to be promoted this but I strongly suspect tampering with my accounts my Dark destroyer account is level 86 yet the championship says I'm in level 87 so straight away before we've even played a game Im at a disadvantage to the rest of the people in my league as I can't train as high as everyone else in my league.
16/03/19 00:44
That happens now I have had it a couple of times but never have I been in the upper part of a mixed level one