Match fixing

03/12/18 18:24
03/12/18 18:28
My dark destroyer is in a league with M93 who played bepat of the same guild European legends bepat decided to deliberately lose 19-0 so after 3 games M93 now has a significantly larger Goal difference than anyone else in the league obvs he's top unless he looses somehow nobody will catch him yes there is time he could lose but I just find it plain wrong in a competive game where promotions are at stake you've got players match fixing . I have also seen guilds doing the other stupid tactic of both teams playing for a draw and booting the ball straight put of play anyone witnessed this yet?
04/12/18 14:30
Yes have come across that a few times stupid idea because if you score they have lost it can be beat but don't expect to do it by more than a couple of goals
04/12/18 19:12
Our friends from Iran are obviously still at it we are in a G C right now against the Guild who are currently rated 26th we may not be world beaters but they have won 20 of their 21 challenges

There is no way they are that much better than us