Promotion screw up

07/01/19 10:27
Well not that I would purchase anything from these bunch of money grabbing .... at nitro but I see the price of pack players has now increased more fool those who pay like why would you pay more for a game that we ain't seen any significant update for in well over 12 months?
07/01/19 13:45
Imagine also retiring then, it’s just money wasted on some trash basically, game service is in horde s**t, and it ain’t getting any better. I don’t see top players staying here anytime longer
12/01/19 11:43
Three of us have 3 different answers can only wait until the 14th or15th & see what happens they really are their own worst enemy's

its about time they replaced at least one of the English ones he/she obviously just does not want to do f all no matter how much you give him he just asks for more details no doubt they get something for every reply rather than every one that is closed so he is playing the system & keeping it open as long as possible or until somebody does the work for him
14/01/19 16:39
The 2 in my guild who had this problem have not got their promotion this season either which one was told would happen so another complaint has gone in this time requesting a refund (fat chance of them doing that) no doubt it will take a week to get a reply
16/01/19 17:03

You get anywhere with the loss of promotion thing One of ours is still being told he got the promotion on the 13th even though he did not pay for it until the 27th he has tried telling them that was for the season before but it seems they cant work out that the 13th comes before the 27th & Cheat nitro wont by the look of it even answer him or the other guy now

If you mean it you may not be alone in leaving what with this that you guys have had & my missing points they are really messing up right now.

There is obviously something wrong in the system & either they are too stubborn to admit it or too stupid to check & it out & fix it