A new tournament approach

15/03/17 03:22
I was thinking about a way to make things more inclusive and bring more people of different guilds and backgrounds together. An idea I had would be to either create a new tournament format or modify the existing one that would make it a "team" experience.

So, for example, say you sign up for a tournament, you would be matched up with perhaps three other people (or whatever number of players on a team makes sense). You would be a random team of 4. Your random team of 4 would then match up against another random team of 4 (currently all our tournaments are paired up based off championship level, and this seems like the fairest way of continuing to match up....so a team could be composed of a level 11, level 10, level 8, and level 3 players against another team of level 11, 10, 8, 3, etc.). Then you all would play your games, and it would be a cumulative total score of the 4 games to determine the winner of the tournament. This would add a lot more variety and intrigue to the games, and would give players of all ranges and skill levels and opportunity to play on the same side as one of the elite teams out there and to be a part of something together. I am sure the elite teams are fine with whatever comes either way, but I would think for teams of lesser levels this would be a lot of fun to find themselves on the same team with a team from the top 20 on their team and everyone working together to achieve a common goal.

By no means do I think the existing tournament approach is no good or should be completely scrapped, and guild wars are wildly popular as many players show up for those and nothing else. But, this would just be another approach that would bring players of all skill levels to the same table with the same objective in mind.
15/03/17 20:04
yes I like the idea da cubs your team is a beast